• Projects

    Crystal Children (2019)

    Feature Film (Director/Writer)

    After ten years, Leah reunites with three friends at a secluded lake house they once used to visit as teenagers, where they share stories and reminisce on the past, subtly comparing the successes and accomplishments of each other’s lives. As tensions rise, Leah realises how much her friends have changed from the people she once knew. As past regrets and unresolved traumas grow within her heart, a wound manifests on her chest, and over the course of the weekend threatens to completely consume her.

    C.A.M (2017)

    5 Part Series (Director/Writer)

    An introverted girl who struggles to connect with society enters a strange world on the Internet. Her innermost desires are set free and fantasies are seemingly real. While her mind flourishes in blissful freedom, her physical body becomes meaningless as she begins to detach from reality.

    BONOBO (2019)

    Script Development (Writer)

    Hana is a harmless, undiagnosed sociopath. She is unable to connect or empathise with others and in turn, struggles to understand the world and her own place within it. She spends her time finding random and often strange jobs off the internet in the hope of finding purpose. One day she is hired by a cynical old woman as a carer. This woman introduces Hana to a strange world of women who pursue wild hedonism and desire.


    Sterling Cinema Australia Pty Ltd

    2018 Feature Film ‘Crystal Children’ (Independent) Director.

    2018 Feature Film ‘Surrender’ (Independent) Project Manager.

    2015 Short Film ‘Ascendant’ VFX, Project Manager.

    2016 Feature Film ‘C.A.M’ (Independent) Director

    2015 Feature Film ‘Observance’ (Umbrella Ent. Shoreline Ent.) Graphic Design, VFX, Project Manager.

    2016 Feature Film Script Development “Raptor” (Screen Australia) Writer

    2016 Feature Film Script Development “Crystal Children” Writer


    Icon Film Distribution Australia Pty Ltd

    2018 Trailer ‘The Wife’ (Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce) Editor.

    2018 Trailer ‘Ideal Home’ (Paul Rudd, Steve Coogan) Editor.

    2018 Trailer ‘Beast’ (Jessie Buckley, Johnny Flynn) Editor.


    Dendy Cinemas Pty Ltd

    2018 TVC ‘Summer of Fun’ Producer/Director.

    2018 TVC ‘Member Mondays’ Producer/Director.

    2018 Monthly VC ‘Dendy Direct’ Producer/Director.

    2018 TVC ‘Say Goodbye to Booking Fees’ Producer.


    SAE Institute (2013 - 2015)

    2015 Short Film "Paradise Island Club" Writer, Director.

    2014 Animated Short "Wicked West" Writer, Director, Animator.

    2015 Short Film "Life After Breakfast" Writer, Director.


    Fast Performance Pty Ltd (2012 ­- 2014)

    90-Day Success TVC, (Online Content,) Producer.

    Leadership Summit Promo, (Online Content), Producer.

    Prospect Program Promo, (Online Content), Producer.

    Fast Performance interactive website, (Web Interface), Producer.



    Kenton Magazine – SS12, (Online Content), Director

    Map Vintage – Events, (Online Content), Director.

    Arcadia - Promo Video, Editor.

    Telstra 180 Project - TV Trailer (Shortlisted), Director, Editor.

    Insight Communications - “Where’s William Tyrell” (Online Ad), Editor

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